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I was born and raised right here in central Minnesota. People from around the country say us Minnesotans have a "funny accent". I don't think so, although I will admit there are some folks from the area that still hang on to their German/Polish accents. I think that is what those new to the area hear. Not all of us talk with "dems" and "ders", and "doncha know"'s! I mean, it's not like people from Boston or Texas don't have a pronounced accent! It's not such a bad thing!
Being born and living in this area my whole life gives me a real appreciation for what I have, how I was raised and for the way I am living now.
Most of the credit goes to Jesus Christ, my Savior and Lord. Without Him I would be nothing.
I do owe credit to my parents as well. I was given a most fabulous childhood by two people who loved each other, complimented each other with their differences, were united in their parenting style, their financial endeavors and if they did disagree they did so with respect and consideration for the other.
My dad was not a man who demonstrated his love for his kids physically by hugging and saying "I love you" alot. But as I grew up I realized that his best expression of love was how he was always there for our family. He never faltered. There was such a security provided me growing up because of his "absoluteness". You could depend on him always. He was always available and very, very predictable. Nowadays people call predictable "boring", but my dad's predictability made our home a secure and "sure thing", providing me a security that I never, ever doubted. I pray that my children have felt that from their dad as well. Brian is a man who is constant and steady in my life also.
I consider myself fortunate. Though I was young when I lost my parents, I can see the hand of God in every moment of my life and in the blessing he provided me when he chose these two people to bring me into the world.
It truly is a wonderful world.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I really do hope you will be back!


reading, photography, scrapbooking, enjoying spending time with my family, blogging and computer stuff, paper crafts.